Images and data from November 16

The rare November tornadoes in western Kansas provided some breathtaking photography and great meteorology.  As I’ve said before, one purpose of this “blog” is to keep some of that information together for posterity’s sake and for future classes.  If there’s anything you think would make a nice addition, send it on.

NWS survey photos and damage tracks:

Recap from US Tornadoes website, emphasizing the rarity of a November tornado event in the Plains

USA Today’s story has a superb collection of Twitter-linked photos from the day

Springtime in November” brief summary from Jeff Masters, including a couple of links

Story from the Hays Post, of people complaining about the lack of sirens even when they were being warned via text message (sighhhhh)

Sorry about the sounding diagrams below — they display correctly at full resolution, but they have a transparent background so the thumbnails look garbled.