I’m overwhelmed.

I just can’t figure out how to keep up with all the “social media” accounts I have. At least not all of them at the same time. Maybe this think-out-loud post, or some of your comments, will help.

As with most people, I’ve used Facebook to stay connected with family and friends, but I haven’t posted there much lately at all. I’m not losing touch with anyone (any more than I already have!) — instead I’ve been sharing more of my quick thoughts, ramblings, and science link finds on Twitter. That’s where most of my science- and teaching friends and colleagues are, where our dialogue is, where the community is. It means that my own  feed is a mosh of weather, education, political ramblings and sports quips, but it works. I could separate those into multiple accounts like some of my friends do, but so far I have refused because I am one person. A very complicated person, but one with lots of interests, from Alabama to Z-R relationships.

This summer I joined Instagram for its intended purpose, photo sharing. That site has become my happy place — a no-spin, no-bad-news zone. Come over and sit a spell.

When I don’t want to be bothered by anyone I know, there’s Tumblr, which for me is more for kitten animations and funny pictures and such. That leaves us with this blog, which in my mind has an identity crisis. I don’t know what I want to put here. And more so a time crisis, which is the essence of this rambling — I just simply don’t know how to juggle all of these. I already have way too many emails to answer and text messages to read and write. And course materials and websites (with blogs, ugh!) to maintain. And a couple personal websites I run. It always seems, however, that when I focus on one or two, the others take a hit in activity. How do you all do it?? How do you keep up track of all your platforms and media at the same time without becoming paralyzed by it all??